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Monday, August 30, 2010

Days 29/30 & 31 / A virus on my PC/ Thanks

Well it,s over and I feel such a sense of achievement, because of a particularly nasty virus which my Hubby downloaded onto our PC I have not been able to blog daily, he is working on fixing it but at the moment I am sitting in my Daughter,s house while she takes the children to school.

Day 29 was Sunday and Hubby and I had the Mother and Father of an arguement about money, but you know what at the end of it we managed to write down incomings and outgoings and worked out that we now put the same percentage of our wages into the home. Sometimes it pays to clear the air, and the concept was one that I found in Suze Orman,s book that I borrowed from the library. Today I stayed home and spent nothing.

Day 30 was Monday and I had to go to the Specialist to get the all clear to return to work, but he thinks another week off is necessary, so I bow to his superior knowledge, after his appointment I went for my 3 times weekly physio, these visits are to desensitive the scars making it easier for me to return to work, no money spent today.

Day 31 Today although when I post this it will come up with the date of the 30th please realise that in Australia it is after 9.00am on the 31st. I have brought my remaining $10.00 with me today and when my Daughter returns from her school run we are going out to the Mall where I will indulge myself with a coffee and a cream cake. I really feel as if I,ve earned it.

I hav,nt found to many downsides to my No Spend August, I suffered from lack of spends a lot more at the beginning of the month, but then I seemed to fall into a pattern of non-spending, it was easier than I thought it was going to be.
The upsides are too many too mention, my self esteem, my willpower, my imagination, my accomplishments, these are all feelings I,ve enjoyed having about myself. I,m particularly happy about managing a couple of days away with my BFF and managing to do it within budget. I,m also delighted to have achieved becoming 60 this Month also while budgeting, and last but by no means least I have saved a lot of money.

The financial side of No Spend August I will put in my next post. I,ll also be adding Septembers budget, but bare with me as I have no PC, please don,t give up on me as I,ll be back.

A special thanks to all who have been so supportive, read my daily blogs even when they were not very interesting , added supportive comments, and generally kept me honest. xxxxxxxx


  1. You do deserve it...for a job WELL DONE!!! Hope it was delicious! :)!

  2. Congratulations! Quite an achievement!

  3. Mmm hope you enjoy your coffee, you sure deserve it!

  4. well done on the no-spend month!


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