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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Loves of my Life / Clyde


There post is not going to be anything to do with my finances, this post is purely and simply things about me you might not know. Firstly I,m an animal lover and at one time I had 2 dogs and 3 cats and as I,ve been asked for photos of my cats I went hunting through my computer, unfortunately there are very few as our PC crashed on us a few years back and I did,nt have my photos saved to disc so I lost every one of them. So I,ve had to rely on family and friends to fill in the gaps. So this photo is of my beloved cat Clyde who sadly is no longer with us, he died at age 18 and is much missed, he was 16 in this photo. If possible I will attempt to add another photo of my only living cat Scotty, my third cat went out one day and never returned and his photos are all gone as well, but the memories of my black and white bundle of joy remain.

I am Scottish by birth and came out with my Hubby and two young children to Australia to live in 1986, and immediately fell in love with this beautiful land. I,ve returned to Scotland only once since then and that was for a family Wedding. I doubt very much that I,d ever go back again as all of my family and hubbies family are now here as well, in fact my Mother-in-Law now lives with us. And thanks to Skype and the Internet I can still keep in touch with friends see their Grandchildren and watch us all aging gracefully.

My Daughter is getting married on the 14th of November, she has been with her partner for about 12 years and they have two beautiful children, a 7 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. I thought they wer,nt going to bother with the formalities of a Marriage but as she hates the fact that her Surname is different from her kids they got engaged and soon will be Husband and Wife. My Son and his Wife have been married now for 5 years and have a little 18 month old girl. These Grandchildern are the lights of my life, words can,t describe the love I have for them. In May of 2011 Hubby and I celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary, we are a bit of an odd couple financially with finances being on a mine and yours basis, but that is changing slightly as I continue with my budgeting and blogging. In every other respect of our lives we are very well suited, we met at 17 got engaged at 18 and Married at 20 and had our first child at 24. And they said " It would never last "

Nobody knows that I have this blog, it,s my little secret. I have often wondered why I don,t share it with my nearest and dearest, I think I am frightened of having my finances scrutinised by everyone,or maybe it,s the fear of failure. So if you think you know me email me first before making a comment.
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  1. I'm the same as you Maureen, very very few people in my life know about my blog and I prefer to keep it that way. Love the picture of your kitty :) Thank you for sharing.


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