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Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 27 No Spend August

I took myself off to visit my Daughter-in-Law today, I have been trying to organise this visit for ages but our schedules seem to always clash. Some might say she is trying to ignore me but they would be wrong, I could,nt have picked a better wife for my son, she is kind and thoughtful, full of understanding and compassion, in fact a gentle soul. Just the kind of Mum you would want for your Grandchild.

After my visit I stopped at my local Aldi,s for the bits and pieces that I will need to get me through to the end of the Month. These were mostly lunches staples, as I am returning to work on Tuesday, as my hands are almost back to normal. So now I am left with $10.00 and a few coins. The end is so near I can almost see my halo :)

Day 27 No Spend August

$10.00 left in the Kitty

Breakfast ~ Tea and Toast
Lunch ~ Turkey and salad sandwich
Dinner ~ Macaroni and Cheese ( Hubby was not happy about getting no meat )
Snacks ~ Macaroons ( provided by DIL )


  1. You've done so well this month Maureen; are you glad it's nearly over or will you do it again?

    PS. I'm off to Aldi now, just a few thousand miles away from yours :-)

  2. I think I may do it again, perhaps in October, I,ve actually enjoyed the experience, although Hubby is getting sick of it. When it comes to Aldi the world is a small place.


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