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Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 23 No Spend August / Recipe Book Cull

Spurred on by my success in clearing and cleaning out the Pantry, Fridges and Freezer, I have turned my attention to the kitchen cupboards most of these just need a wipe and a tidy. Except for my Recipe book cupboard, this is situated above my Microwave which is set into a unit, meaning that I will have to get myself a set of ladders and probably a bicycle helmet, just to open the door. This turned out to be harder than I thought as I don,t own a bicycle, or a helmet.
I love recipe books I am drawn to them like a moth to a flame, some of you may think this a little odd for someone who,s not 100% happy being in the kitchen and would rather come down with some dreaded disease than host a dinner party. but I,m a book person so what can I say !!!!!
But some of these will have to go, so I drag them all down and make a few piles. The ones I,m keeping, the ones I,m throwing away, the ones I,ll offer to my Daughter and Daughter-in-Law, the leaflets from every takeaway shop in Oz, and the family photos ( how the **** did they get there )
I don,t intend to use the recipes in any of the books I,m keeping. But I could,nt bare to part with them because my life and my story and my friends are all there, I have books I was given by friends when I left Scotland, books from when my children went to Guides and Scouts, then there are School recipe books sold at Fetes, and of course some I,ve bought myself. But my favourite book belonged to my Gran it is bound in black leather and is hand written in her usual flowing handwriting, and with each recipe comes a story of when she got it, who gave it to her and why. There is History on each page.

My Daughter phoned me yesterday to tell me about a site she had found where you could download blank menus and fill them in yourself, then print them out, so I did this and I now have the weeks menu stuck to my fridge door, the site also offers a few different downloads another of them is a stock list for your freezer.

Another no spend day too busy reading recipe books I,ll never use. :)

Day 23 No Spend August

$55.25 still in Kitty

Breakfast ~ Tea and Toast
Lunch ~ Leftover chicken Curry & rice
Dinner ~ Turkey Burgers, Potatoes & Mixed Veg - Fresh Fruit.


  1. hmmm I should also go through all my cookbooks. I went through a period where I was buying one a month. I only use 2 out of the 20-30 I own. Silly really. Will check out that menu site now!

  2. Maureen!
    You are doing so awesome!!! Another no spend day???
    I just filled out a blank monthly menu sheet for September...makes things so much easier!
    A helmet? You are funny!! :)!

  3. Congratulations on ANOTHER no spend day!

    I've booked marked that menu site now! I'm plan to start meal planning next month.

  4. You are doing amazing! congrats on the no spend day!!!

    So proud of you!


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