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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 21 No Spend August / Pantry clean out


Nearly at the end of Winter here in Oz and already I see big changes in the garden, everything is budding and the grass is needing cut more often. We never have a season when the grass lies dormant it grows all year round, just a little bit slower in Winter. I am going to be putting some fresh herbs in shortly as most of last years are either overgrown and woody, or dead looking. Not sure yet if I am going to be putting a lot of veg in as I am getting the garden ready for a Wedding so it might be more flowers and I,ll leave the veg until later.

I,m never leaving the house again without a grocery list, and I,m going to continue to scrutinise the leaflets and brochures to make sure I get the most bang for my buck. I have made some great savings this month and I,ve never had fuller cupboards and fridge, or eaten as healthily.

Tomorrow I,m going to be cleaning out my pantry, and my fridge and freezer and I,ll be making out menus to get me through to the 31st, I started off the month with $300 and with 1/3rd of the month left I should have $100 but I have almost half of that, so is my money tied up in groceries I have already bought or will I have enough to get me through. I,ll know by tomorrow. No Spends Today.

Day 21 No Spend August

$55.25 Still in Kitty

Breakfast ~ Boiled Egg and Toast
Lunch ~ Crackers and Cheese
Dinner ~ Spag Bol & Fruit Salad
Snacks ~ Biscuits from Pantry.
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