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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 25 No Spend August / Huge Temptations Today

Today has been hard for me, it always is when I go to a Shopping Mall. I can,t resist all the glittering lights, the mood music, the gorgeous clothes, the coffee shops and although it,s all set up to suck me into buying I still looooooooove it. I have got a brain in my head and I do know that they are trying to wash it, but shopping Malls can be my downfall, and so today was no different plus I had my Daughter with me, and she was determined that it was time for me to shop for my Mother-of -the -Bride,s dress. Now there are a couple of reasons why I did,nt want to do this.
1) It,s No spend August
2) I,m not happy with my weight and would like to lose a few pounds, before the Wedding.
3) I,m not sure if I want 1 outfit or 2

My Daughter is having a Church Wedding it,s a little non-denominational church that,s been erected in our local Wedding Gardens, and a celebrant is marrying them. And then after we are dispensing with the Wedding theme and having a Masquerade Ball in a marquee, in our large backyard. So there lies my quandry, do I arrive all traditional and Mother of the Bridey at the Masquerade Ball with my mask on, or do I arrive at the church in something appropriate for a Masquerade Ball without the mask of course?. So we hunted and hunted and I came away all frustrated no nearer to making a decision and $10.00 worse off after coffee and a toasted sandwich. I might be turning up at this Wedding in my Birthday suit, complete with mask of course.

Day 25 No Spend August

$31.65 Still in Kitty

Breakfast ~ Cereal and Toast
Lunch ~ ate out $10.00
Dinner ~ Chicken Breast Fillet, Potatoes and Veg Yogurt and Fruit
Snacks ~ Chocolate biscuit ( not good for my diet )


  1. too funny! (I LOVE the idea of a Masquerade Ball!!! So Fun)

    I would say to go to church in something appropriate and then put mask on later - you could always buy a new dress for church or for later & then wear something you already own for the other?

  2. Ha ha ha your very funny Maureen :) If I were you I would find a dress that would be appropriate in both places and just put on the mask when you get to the party. No need to buy 2 dresses you may only wear once or twice I think.


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