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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 26 No Spend August / Red Wedding Dress

I had another no spend day today, I was feeling a little off colour and was sitting with my feet up when I heard someone at my door, wondering who could possibly be wanting one of my muffins and lousy coffee, I opened it to see a Courier with a giant parcel addressed to me. As this is no spend August, I was wracking my brains to try and remember how I had managed to order something, am I Internet shopping in my sleep now, should I head into Ebay or Paypal and check out the damage I,ve done. No I took a deep breath and opened the parcel and there in all it,s stunning beauty was my Daughter,s Red Wedding Dress. This photo is almost the dress, only she has more beading on the bodice and the dress is a redder red, she will be coming over later to try it on, can,t wait.
By the way she tried on an almost identical dress in a Bridal Boutique where it cost almost $2,000, but my sister who is in the Bridal business used one of her contacts in China and with postage and parceling and extra beading this gorgeous creation cost $200 YES you read that correctly that,s the kind of mark up you are paying for your one off creation.

Day 26 No Spend August

Money in Kitty $31.65

Breakfast ~ Egg on toast
Lunch ~ 2 Minute noodles Fresh Fruit
Dinner ~ Macaroni and Cheese & Oven Chips - Greek Yogurt
Snacks ~ Chocolate biscuits ( naughty naughty naughty )


  1. OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress. How beautiful!!! mmmm I love chocolate biscuits also. More than they like me I'm sure.

  2. That is going to be incredible! I am floored. So gorgeous and unique!!

  3. gorgeous!!! always think i would go for red or something, plain white is a bit boring now isnt it?

  4. What a beautiful gown! I've never seen a red wedding dress...what a cool surprise!

  5. Wow!!!
    Just new to this site and I can't believe what a beautiful dress. And for it to be the wedding dress is even more bold, colorful and romantic all in one. I'm just loving it.
    All the best on YOUR DAY!!!
    You may have started a trend. Why White? When there is so many other beautiful colors to choose from.
    Have a great day and dance up a storm.


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