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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 19 No Spend August / Starting to Panic


I spent nothing today again, but I only have $80.00 left for 12 days which is less than $7.00 a day, so panic is setting in. I will manage to eat for the next 12 days as my freezer is absolutely full up, my pantry is looking pretty healthy and I would,nt spend more than $80 on bread, milk and cat food. But it,s petrol and Entertainment money which are going to be my two biggest expenses, as next week is my last week at home before returning to work, and I want to catch up with a few friends before I return. We will just have to find cheap and cheerful things to do. I do have a way of getting extra Groceries if I absolutely need them, as I was given a couple of gift vouchers for my Birthday and one of them is for the Coles Meyer group which covers Retail Stores, Supermarkets and a couple of Alcohol outlets. But I would prefer not to have to use them and will only do so as a last resort.

Day 19 No Spend August>

$80.00 Still in the Kitty

Breakfast ~ Tea and Toast
Lunch ~ Turkey and Salad Sandwich
Dinner ~ Chicken Enchilladas ~ Greek Yogurt & stewed Rhubarb
Snacks ~ Chocolate Mud Cake ( My Birthday Cake )
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  1. You are doing so great. And your food you ate sounds so delish!!


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