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Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 20 No Spend August / I think I,m Losing It


Got up this morning and checked my local Supermarkets Specials, you know the ones that the Supermarkets make a loss on just to get you through the door, so I made myself out a list with any specials that I wanted, and off I set.

I also wanted to go to the Library and get myself some books on PF just to keep me on the right track, there was a scarcity of good books but I managed to pick out 4 they are.

1) IN THE RED ( The diary of a recovering shopaholic )


3) THE COURAGE TO BE RICH ( Suze Orman )

4) SMART GIRLS GUIDE TO MONEY ( essential reading for 18-25 year olds )
May have left this one a bit late :)

Then it was on to a local outlet shop, this is a Heinz outlet shop and you may get tins of fruit without labels on or some things which are almost out of date, I bought 13 items and paid $12.75 not too bad ehh ?

Then it was onto the Supermarket for my specials, I only wanted 3 things Turkey Mince, Frozen Chips and Bam Cleaner, but I could find none of them except for the turkey mince at the prices that were advertised, I was just about to complain to an passing shop assistant when I realised that I was in the wrong Supermarket. I was soooo over shopping by that time and starving hungry so I paid for the ground turkey and left the shop. $12.00 spent

Day 20 No Spend August

$55.25 still in Kitty

Breakfast ~ Porridge & Cup of Tea
Lunch ~ Roast Beef and Chutney Sandwich
Dinner ~ Chicken Schnitzel, Chips, Brocoli & Rhubarb Crumble and Cream
Snacks ~ Biscuits from Pantry.
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  1. you are doing good!!! keep it up - just a little bit longer!!!! I think I may be in danger of busting the budget :(

  2. I love Suze Orman books, I find them to be really no nonsense. Your doing so well Maureen :) Lol to being in the wrong supermarket. I've sure been there before!

  3. Hi Maureen, Alexis from In The Red has a blog too:


  4. Hey, while reading your post I am watching the Suze Orman show! How is that for a coincidence. I absolutely love that you wrote about being in the wrong store as I have done that before. Yep - when that happens it is time to grab the stuff, check out and go home, put your feet up and have a cup of tea.


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