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Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 9 No Spend August / Finances / Debts / Relief


Day 9 and I had another no spend day, I spent the whole afternoon sorting through my finances and all because of a phonecall. I have been on the run from a company who bought over a bad debt that has been hanging over my head like a guillotine. This was from a finance company that I had bought a fridge from many years ago, just before Hubby got sick, he was going to pay the debt but for some reason which was so long ago that I can,t remember the debt got put into my name. I think from memory that about 6 payments later Hubby had to give up work right out of the blue and there was no way I was ever going to make the payments on my wage and still keep the house running, I was in over my head and I,ve literally been on the run ever since. Because at last I,m getting my finances under control it has been niggling at my conscience, about this debt and so yesterday I was relieved when at last they caught up with me and we put a payment plan into action. The debt is for $1,372.86 and my repayments are $50 fortnightly, however once my Daughter,s Wedding is over I am going to pay that off as quickly as I can. And then put all my money into paying off my larger debt.

I have updated my profile and put the new debt totals in and I will update them again in 6 months. You might notice that I have put in a Superannuation total. I went online and got the total yesterday and I think I must have the only fund that has,nt made a loss this year, I had the choice last year of putting all my funds into a low risk investment , which makes you less money or a higher risk investment which could make you much more money but also put your money at greater risk. So I choose the safe option and made virtually nothing but lost nothing either and with very few years left until I retire and with only a very small Superannuation Fund I could,nt afford to lose any of it.

My Niece came over to see us yesterday and as I,d made a huge Lasagna we choose not to go out to eat but just to stay home and enjoy each others company and catch up, it had been 4 years since we had done this as she has been living and working in Ireland and England for a while. Hubby ducked out and bought a couple of bottles of wine and we had a lovely night at home.

Day 9 No Spend August

$172.40 still in the Kitty

Breakfast ~ Tea and Toast
Lunch ~ Turkey and Salad Sandwich.
Dinner ~ Lasagna, chips, salad Fruit Salad & Cream
Snacks ~ Date and Walnut Loaf ( homemade )
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  1. such a bummer about things creeping up from the past like that --- but good for you to make it a top priority after the wedding!!!!

  2. You are doing so well. A bunch of no spend days should help meeting your goals! :)


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