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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 4 No Spend August / Conspicious Consumption


While watching THE VIEW the other day one of the ladies expressed disgust at the amount of money that was spent on a foreign car that P Diddy ( sorry to all his fans as I, m sure he is called something else now )bought his Son for his 16th birthday, she called it tacky to be seen to spend so much money on an imported car, when there are workers in the States losing their jobs. And the panel also spoke at great length on the millions spent on the Clinton Wedding. I have never had an enviable amount of money to throw around, but it got me thinking would I make sure that I only bought Australian, whenever I made a big purchase, or would I still buy that gorgeous Italian Leather lounge suite I so admired. What is your take on Conspicious Consumption ???

Today I spent some money, and I hope I spent it well, I noticed that our local Supermarket,s weekly specials were Brocoli, coffee and pumpkins. So I bought 6lbs of brocoli which I have blanched and frozen in 6 single serve amounts. I saved $10.00 on my tin of coffee and I now have enough to last for a couple of months and as all of the pumpkins were the same price I picked out the largest one and Hubby has chopped it up for me. I will make soup, a pumpkin and red lentil curry and still have enough for roast pumpkin with our weekend roast. I also bought some tinned goods and chickpeas. I also put a little petrol into my car, no money was spent on coffee out as we had lunch before leaving home. Brocoli $6.00 Pumpkin $1.69 and petrol $10.00. So all up I spent $40.00.

Day 4 no spend August
$260.00 still in kitty

Breakfast Cereal & Banana
Lunch Turkey and Salad Sandwich
Dinner Spaghetti Bol.
Snacks finished off the Apple Pie.
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  1. GOOD JOB GIRL!! Sounds like you are a great cook! I am terrible.


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