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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 7 No Spend August / I,ve Shot Myself In The Foot


Today was Grocery day and all up I,ve managed to spend $70.00 plus $10.00 on a gadget for getting jars opened. Since the operation on my hands I,ve not got the strength to open anything up and so I,m hoping this will be money well spent. My freezer is full and so is my pantry and in normail circumstances I would be able to manage my no spends really well.


I have just had the Mother and Father of all rows with my Hubby over the length of time my BFF will be spending at our house, and so I have booked us a couple of days away while she is here. I will tell you more tomorrow while Hubby is not around.

Day 7 No Spend August

$170.00 Still In Kitty

Breakfast ~ boiled Egg and Toast
Lunch ~ Homemade Burgers on a Bun
Dinner ~ Salmon and Salad And Chips
Snacks ~ Biscuits from Pantry.
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  1. Oops...wonder what that's about? hmmmm, actually it sounds like fun to go away with a friend...split the cost and it shouldn't be too bad!


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