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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 11 No Spend August / Diamonds are a girls best friend


You would tell me if you think this is too boring having me blog everyday about spending nothing, from my point of view it,s encouraging to see another no spend day in print. It was a public holiday today in my little corner of the world, so as everything was closed I never got, or wanted, the opportunity to spend everything.

When I have a large Grocery bill on the weekend I panic thinking about how quickly I,m spending my money, but then I have almost a week when I don,t have to buy any other Groceries, and if I can just stay away from the Malls then I don,t get the chance to spend anything else.

My BFF arrives tomorrow morning and I don,t know if I,m going to get an opportunity to blog every day, as nobody that,s close to me knows about this blog, I prefer it that way when I,m talking about something as personal as money. However I will be taking a pen and pad with me everywhere I go and keeping track of my money.

And talking about spending money while I have a visitor, my Husband gave me some spends for the time that she and I are away ( perhaps it,s his guilty conscience ) and so it,s not going to come out of my allocated Monthly spends. I know strictly speaking it,s cheating, but you don,t have a 60th Birthday every year, and the challenge was to see if I could get my shopping budget/petrol/entertainment down on an average month.

Speaking of my Birthday, I got a phonecall this morning from a Gentleman I did,nt know to say that a parcel had been delivered to his home with my name on it ( we have a very unusual surname in these parts of the globe ) and he would drop it off for me. I got a bit anxious as he seemed to take the longest time to arrive, and when he did the parcel was in a state of disrepair, it was from my Mother and Father, so knowing that my Birthday present would be inside and might have been damaged/ stolen / tampered with, I opened it. I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous pair of Diamond earrings, but how near did I come to losing them. So my heartfelt thanks to that thoughtful honest Man.

Day 11 No Spend August

$170.40 Still in the Kitty

Breakfast ~ Tea and Toast
Lunch ~ Noodles & Yogurt
Dinner ~ Chicken Potatoes and Veg
Snacks ~ Biscuits ( almost out of these )
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  1. I love reading your posts everyday Maureen!! So happy to hear your earrings got to you safetly and have a wonderful time with your BFF!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great time with your BFF.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! What a lovely gift to receive, and I'm so glad that you actually got them! Blogging every day kept me honest, it's a good thing, even if you have no spending to report!! :)!

  4. i'm loving the posts! im trying to do this but its not working :(
    need my car for work, so there's always petrol. then there's birthdays and xmas to think of, holiday in september.
    other than that i shall not shop or spend unless its completely necessary!!!!!
    happy bday too :)

  5. Gorgeous birthday gift!!! :)

    dont' mind your blogging daily at all! I enjoy it!

    good luck this weekend!!!!

  6. I just found your blog by looking at someone else's favorite blogs and am happy I did! You and I are going to retire (hopefully) at around the same time, so this should be interesting. What a great idea! We just spoke with a financial advisor this week so we can redirect our investments which currently are pretty slim and losing continuously. Anyway, happy Birthday. I look forward to reading more later.

  7. Girls thank you so much for all your Happy Birthday Greetings, according to Australian time I have approximately 9 hours left of my fifties, so I will be kicking and screaming all the way into the swinging sixies.

    Welcome onboard Sharon as you can see you are the second Sharon to have come into my life through blogging. This is more a blog about what not to do rather than give out any advice about how to do it correctly. Happy to see you around.


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