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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 5 No Spend August / Chief Babysitter


Today I performed my all time favourite task that of Babysitter this time it was for my youngest Grandchild an 18 month old little girl, she has the biggest brownest eyes you have ever seen, and is a one girl comedy routine. She giggles all the time, and copies every word you say like a little Parrot, but her favourite saying just now is " no way " and then she flashes one of her broadest smiles. Who could be annoyed at this precious little one, who is so blissfully ignorant and innocent.

Because I was stuck home all day I never got the opportunity to spend any money so once again this was a no spend day. I,ve looked through a few blogs and there are a few of us out there doing an August no spend challenge, so I am going to draw on them for tips and motivation.

Once again my apologies to those of you who,s blogs I am following but have not added to my blog sidebar, I can,t remember how you do it and so I reach you through my dashboard.

Day 5 No Spend August

$270.00 still in the kitty

Breakfast ~ Tea and Toast
Lunch ~ Homemade Soup & Turkey Sandwich
Dinner ~ Curried Chicken & Rice
Snacks ~ Biscuits from Pantry
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  1. what a fantastic way to spend a no spend day!!!!

  2. Well done on another no spend day!

    to add blogs; go to your dashboard, and then go down to the box/gadget that says My Blog List, there should be am Edit link for you to click; this should bring up a box for you to add blogs {copy and paste the web address into the add a blog and then click the save at the bottom}
    hope this helps :-)


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