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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 3 Of No Spend August


A really short post tonight as I have a migraine, or maybe it,s withdrawal symptoms LOL

Day 3 passed without me going to the shops so I have spent nothing again, and I think it,s rubbed off on Hubby as he was paid today and he came home without the usual chocolate, a lottery ticket or a bottle of wine. When I quizzed him about this he admitted to trying to spend less this month. I am so pleased that we are on the same page at last.

No spend day 3

$300 still in kitty

Breakfast ~ Toast and Jam
Lunch ~ Macaroni Cheese ( leftovers from yesterday )
Dinner ~ Chicken, Potatoes and Cauliflower
Snacks ~ Homemade Apple Pie ( yummy )
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  1. Chocolate is always okay to spend money on! :)

  2. awesome!!! so glad to hear that he is thinking the same!!!

  3. bet you would've appreciated the chocolate lol! it's gd that he's taking the hint tho


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