Come join me in my quest to live a happier more frugal way of life, while enjoying the more traditional family values.

About Me

I am 60 years old and when I started this blog I was in my 50s JUST.  My ultimate goal when starting  to blog was to make myself accountable for my lack of financial organization. I have only ever owned two houses in my married life the first we sold to move with our young children to Australia. And the second was to move from South Australia to Queensland. Both great moves for our family, but ultimately not so good for us parents. I have learned how to make every financial mistake in the book, from buying when mortgage rates were siting at 13% to selling up and moving in a depressed housing market.
I must have paid thousands over the years in bank charges, as I never seem to be organized enough to have money in my account when standing orders come out etc.
Yes I,ve made every financial mistake in the book, at least twice. So now I am committed to turning it all around, and a blog of my own seemed the way to go. I am completely Computer illiterate, so I decided to use blogger, and through them and other sources I have come in contact with a great PF community.
So now I know I will succeed !!!!!!