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Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 6 No Spend August / Did I Cheat Today ?


I,m wondering if it is considered cheating to allow someone to buy you lunch while you are not spending. This happened to me today, I met up with a close friend , although we are close friends we don,t actually live near to one another, and so we don,t meet up that often. My 60th Birthday is at the end of next week, so she insisted on paying for lunch as an early present, her 60th is in September and I will return the favour. I breathed a sigh of relief that all I spent today was $7.60 for two cups of coffee, but it,s niggling at the back of my mind that maybe I was too quick in allowing her to pay.

I watched an episode of Clean House the other day, the family were swamped in clutter, I had honestly never seen anything like it, but what stuck out for me was that because they never put anything away, and there seemed to be no shortage of money going into the home, they had piles of coins and notes lying around everywhere. At the end of the big clean-up they had found $5000.00 just lying around their home. So spurred on by that I checked down the couch, in some of my handbags and hubbies trouser pockets. And guess how much I found NOTHING !!!! not even a red cent. However I now have a tidier home.

Day 6 No spend August

$ 252.40 Still in the Kitty

Breakfast ~ Porridge ( yum )
Lunch ~ Bought by BFF
Dinner ~ Tuna casserole
Snacks ~ None today
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  1. that is definately not considered cheating!!! it is a gift ;)

  2. I wouldn't call that cheating at all! As Jp says, what a nice gift!

    I'm going to have to search my house for something...$5000 is a lot to find, and I know that would never happen here, unless I sold most of my things...:)


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