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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Septembers Challenges / Septembers Budget

No spend August was a huge success, my goal was to save as much money as possible and after paying all the household bills and putting money aside for the next lot of bills, I managed to save $1,264, towards visitors and extras for my Daughters Wedding, I am tempted to try this again in October we,ll see how that goes later this month after all the finances for the Wedding and holidays and visitors have all been added up.

The plus sides of not spending in August are obvious, I,ve got a lot of extra money, I know now it can be done and I enjoyed the thrill of the chase, knowing when to shop where to shop checking all the mail to see where and when the best buys of the week were. Making more recipes from scratch, cutting back on laundry every day to just washing when I had a full load, the same with the dishwasher, I really did,nt think I would get as much out of it as I have so all and all a huge success.

The down sides to not spending are very few and most of them were related to having to cut back on my socialising. I was honest with my friends and family about why but some of them just did,nt get it. And for some reason my Hubby got a little annoyed when my pantry and fridge started to empty, I could,nt work out why as we were eating a varied and healthy diet, but I,ve got a suspicion that it had something to do with not having the same amount of treats on hand.

My budget for September will be.

Food $100 weekly
Debts $150 for the month
Phone/internet/foxtel $200 for the month
Mobile $30 for the month
Petrol $20 weekly
All other money to be banked, some towards the next round of bills, I really have to find a dress, shoes and bag for the wedding, and I also have a couple of Birthdays coming up this month.

On a more personal note I have now borrowed my son,s laptop, and so I should be able to blog and follow my favourite bloggers now. Although it is so different to my PC as this one is an Apple, and I,m having a little difficulty finding my way around, and I really miss having a mouse. however a big thanks to my Son who could see how upset i was at not being able to go online.
I am going back to work on Monday I will be starting with a 4 hour week and slowly building up to my normal 8 hours. My new flooring is now down and it,s soooo nice, gone is the old tacky lino and in it,s place is a lovely teak hardwood floor, the carpeting in the rest of the house will be renewed before Christmas

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to save so much money! You did such a great job, though, I'm not surprised!


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