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Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 2 No Spend August / Passive Spending


Day 2 and I have still not spent anything at all, although I very nearly went for a coffee as I was up at the Hospital getting the stitches taken out of my hand, but on looking at the time I decided just to go home and make Dinner, and have a free coffee instead.

And talking about free coffee I realised today that although I have kept to my budget by not taking money out of my purse, I am PASSIVELY SPENDING every single day, we all are. Whether we are asleep or awake it is costing us money.
Take our fridge for example we never switch it off or our freezers, so 24 hours a day we are spending money on electricity. We are paying road taxes even if our car is sitting in the garage. The same goes for insurances most of us make no claims, and of course we can,t forget taxes, in one form or another. My conclusion is that we have to be aware of our conscious spending, when we can do little to prevent the passive spends.

Day 2 No Spending August

$300 still in the kitty

Breakfast Tea and Toast
Lunch yogurt and a Banana
Dinner Macaroni Cheese and oven chips
Snacks biscuits from my pantry
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  1. Awesome start to your no spending.

    It is so true that we are spending money every day, without physically spending it. My next challenge will be to try to lower my fixed bills. Right now, though, I have my hands full with my daughter getting married and the kids getting ready for school...sigh.

  2. I'm trying to do this allthough when the weekend comes i seem to spend. I know what you mean about spending whether we like it or not, and in a recession i don't think the new Tory government is about to lower my taxes!

  3. good point! And look at you! Great job passing up on the coffee & making it at home too! When I get the urge to buy a coffee out, dh will say "I will make you a pot when we get home & you can get on your jammies & read a book" and I am SOLD! typically it doesn't work out that way (dd is only 6, you know! Hehe) but the thought is an amazing concept!!!


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