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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Days 12/13/14/15/16/17/18 No spend August / Catch up

Well I,m back, between visitors and time away I have been away from my computer for a week. and I am really proud of my achievemnts, today it is all about facts and figures so here goes.

Day 12 No Spend August

I spent nothing after picking up my BFF from the Airport we sat and caught up on about 4 months worth of gossip, ate food I already had in the house and drank a bottle of wine I already had.

$170.40 still in kitty

Day 13 No Spend August

This was the day before my 60th birthday and as we were having everyone over the next day I had to run out and get some Groceries, we were theming the meal Mexican and as everyone was contributing to the meal and starters my share was only $50.00 as I needed some staples and food for my cat.

$120.00 still in Kitty

Day 14 No Spend August

My 60th Birthday and I was not allowed to do a thing, as mentioned before everyone brought their food and drinks over and the only things I was allowed to do were swallow and laugh, and their was plenty of both.

$120.00 still in Kitty

Day 15 No Spend August

Today my BFF and I set off to have a couple of days away, we were staying in a caravan parked on a 2 acre property owned by good friends of ours, and as I had to put fuel in my car I spend $20.00 on fuel and $20.00 on a meal and a drink that evening in a quiet country pub with the most stunning views. Definitely worth the money.

$80.00 still in Kitty

Day 16 no Spend August.

This was the kind of day I love sitting with my feet up in a lovely garden with a good book and great company, the couple who own this garden have a Peacock called George who has lived with them for 12 years and he is so tame that he spent a lot of the day hanging around us, if we walked he walked if we sat he stayed with us, we lunched on leftovers from my Birthday bash and then were invited over to the house for Dinner so a no spend day.

$80.00 still in Kitty

Day 17 No Spend August

We left to come home today and we left with bags of Avocados, 2 hands of bananas, pounds of Tangerines and Oranges, a bag of Tamarillos, 2 giant Pumpkins, Silverbeet, Rocket and cos Lettuce, my car boot was weighed down. They also gave me lemons and limes and Rhubarb all of these were from there own garden, I was told to take what I could as they just drop to the ground and get wasted. there will be no waste in my house. Another no spend day.

$80.00 still in Kitty

Day 18 No Spend August

Took my BFF to the Airport today as she is working tomorrow, but we had the best time catching up and laughing. It is Lunchtime on the 18th here in Oz and I have spent the day stewing, juicing and freezing all my fruit and veg I brought back from my 2 days away. So I will be spending no money again. I think it proves that with the right company you don,t have to spend lots to have a good time. I had explained to my BFF that I was saving this month and she was happy to help me to stay committed.

$80.00 Still In Kitty


  1. Great Job!!!! You are doing so well! Only a couple of weeks left! that is wonderful when you can be honest with someone about trying to just save money & not want to spend any!!!!

  2. Maureen, that is just amazing. You are doing so well. And what a lesson for all of us, really. Good friends, simple food. You really don't need to spend a lot to have a lot.

  3. Thats so awesome Maureen!! I just new you could do it! Happy Birthday!!

    I would love to see pictures of your kitties, post post post!


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