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Monday, December 13, 2010

Working Hard But Benefiting Financially

I worked back tonight, after making sure Hubby would be home with MIL, I took the opportunity to earn a little extra cash, so this weeks total of extra hours worked is 6 and at time and a half that,s 9 extra hours pay. If I get the chance I,ll do another couple tomorrow and that will give me the total of an extra $201.36 before Tax, this will be paid to me on Friday and it will mean that all presents will be bought and all bills will be cleared. We are really busy at the moment and it may be necessary to work even more hours in the lead up to Christmas, by the time the holidays get here I will certainly need the break.

This is the online website I use to earn a little extra dollars by reading emails, doing surveys as well as going through them to shop. I used most of my points up a couple of months ago to buy a Gold Membership, I figured it was their money anyway so why not. Since becoming a gold member my points are accumulating even quicker and this morning I received a $30 cheque from points Ive accrued lately. So I,m proudly heading for the bank tomorrow to deposit a free $30.

I had a no spend day today plus I earned so today was a real bonus.


  1. OT is so awesome!!! Good job! :) it is nice when it isn't actually 'needed' to balance a month, you know?

  2. The perfect time of year to get some overtime - happy for you:) I work lots of over time but it doesn't add anything to my pay - it's expected! I got my stocking gifts after school yesterday so I'm one step closer to being DONE. I have NO holiday stress though this year since we're staying home. At first I was sad that we weren't going north to see my sisters but now I'm really glad we're staying put. Our own wee family is really bonding well lately and I just kinda wanta wallow in that:)


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