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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Boxing Day Sales No Way

Do Retailers think we are totally brainless ???? I went into Target about 1 hour before closing on Christmas Eve and they were already set up for this mornings Sales. A lot of clothing was still under huge white cotton covers, but the majority of Sale items had a notice on them warning customers that the ticketed price would not be available until 26th December. So am I really going to buy that item on Christmas Eve when I could buy it on Boxing Day 40/50% cheaper, I would need to have a screw loose. I had gone back into Target because I had left a parcel behind after my earlier visit. Now I wish I had,nt gone as I,m sitting fretting about Target doing me out of my hard earned cash on Christmas Eve. So just in case I am right I will not be doing any Sale shopping. There is nothing I want and nothing I need, so I,m giving Sales a body swerve. I normaly give them a miss because I have spent all my money now I,m giving them a miss because I can !!!!!!!

We had a great day yesterday, stuffing ourselves with Prawns and a Kilpatrick Oyster Entree, followed by a traditional Christmas Main course and after we had Trifle and Meringue nests with cream and fresh berries. Too much Champagne and some Kahlua. And it looks as if todays meal will be more of the same, but without the Alcohol.

Chilling out today big time as I am wiped out after my extremely busy week at work, so today my feet will be up and I,ll veg in front of the TV and probably watch a load of old sloppy movies.

On the financial front this will be a no spend day as was yesterday. And the good news is I have had my Carers Allowance Application accepted, and my first payment went into the Bank on Christmas Eve, so this should be a fortnightly payment of $112. I did up my budget without this extra payment so I am not sure if I should redo my budget or keep it the way it is and put all of the extra money into debt. I,ll have a bit of a think about that while I,m sitting with my feet up.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas, I hope Santa was good to you, and I hope for Health Wealth and Happiness for you all.



  1. Sounds like a really great Christmas, Maureen, lots of great eats and good drinks :-)

    I am shopping online tomorrow, our stores aren't open until the 27th though (different laws from province to province).

  2. Its strange to hear that your on to boxing day because we are just into the evening of Christmas day. Though of course your over 20 hours a head of us. lol Good on your for not spending anything! Also I think you should keep your budget the way it is and role the extra money into debt or savings which ever works for you. You will feel the difference in your debt reduction/ savings and it will make the difference there not in your everyday budget.

  3. Hope you had a relaxing day!! Love old movies.

  4. It sounds like you had a lovely day Maureen....and that today is going to be good too!

    I've never hit the sales after Christmas, I can't imagine anything worse!

  5. Where I live the shops raises the price as we come closer to Christmas Eve, and drops them back to "normal" when they call it Sale. I would be suprised if the same thing isn't going on on the other side of the world too. Merry Christmas!

  6. Sarah I,m with you on this one, I,m going to put it into debt.

    Alltid thanks for dropping by, I think you are probably correct about Sale prices. Are you having a white Christmas over in Norway??

  7. Maureen!
    Sounded like a lot of GREAT things to eat! I started laughing at the countdown again...Glad Christmas comes only once a year! :0!


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