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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A No Spend Day My First In December

My purse stayed well and truly closed today, even although I had a day off of work and a Doctor,s Appointment. However it won,t last as tomorrow is payday, the first one of the month, and after paying all I am due there will be very little left over. Will post all my outgoings tomorrow.

I made a start on writing my Christmas Cards today, I have 4 categories.

Overseas Mail
Local Mail.
Hand delivered mail
So far I have written out all the cards which are going overseas, and tomorrow I will buy the stamps and post them.

I have finished filling in the application form for the carers allowance for my MIL and will present it to our Centrelink Office tomorrow ( Social Security ) hopefully I have dotted the I,s and crossed the T,s but if not I would rather find out straight away instead of posting it in and then finding out I have missed something they needed.

Positive thoughts

I have been immensely cheered by the support I have been offered by my blogging friends, I thought after making such a mess of my finances during November that I would take some criticism. Instead everyone has been supportive and most think I will be back on track by the end of the year. And so to prove them right I will be back on track. Thanks xx


  1. I don't count paying bills and fixed expenses as "spending". For me a "no spend" day is when I don't BUY anything or use any money that might happen to be in my wallet. But that's just me. Paying the rent or the telephone bill you have no choice about - but buying a coffee, or shoes or whatever - you do have a choice about that. You are so much more organized than I am - cards? Haven't even thought about those yet!!

  2. Good for you! I, on the otherhand, singlehandedly, (without leaving the house, mind you) spent $30.00 on Chipotle for dinner, and $22.00 for a phone bill I owed my daughter. Ugh.

  3. December can be a hard month to have no-spend days, so good job! I agree that bills shouldnt be counted.

  4. AWESOME!!!! So exciting! :) lets hope there are more to come

  5. It does my heart good to see someone take the time for Christmas cards. It is an expense but it is such a thoughtful thing to do. I'm crossing my fingers for you with the carer's allowance.

  6. Yay on the no spend day! I'm horrible with those! I *very* rarely get one in! *blush* I wrote most of my Christmas cards yesterday too!! Gotta get them in the mail this week! :)


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