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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Working and Babysitting

After working a 10 hour shift today, I came acros to my Daughters house for Dinner and to start my next job. That of Babysitter to the 8 and 4 year olds, these two are now at the stage where they don,t need me to keep them entertained, so while they sit at one end of the table drawing, I am at the other writing my blog.

Not that I have a great deal to blog about, as I am still struggling with my budget for next year. I have made it so tight, that if I sneeze I won,t be able to afford a box of tissues. And that is definitely not going to work. I don,t want to make things so tight that I fall at the first hurdle, and yet as a low paid worker who wants to see savings and debt repayment as priorities in 2011 there are some things I,m going to have to do without. So it,s back to the drawing board, maybe I,ll put my priorities into a hat and see which I pull out first !!!!

A no spend day today and another two hours of overtime worked. My Boss told me that overtime was available all week if we wanted it, don,t know if I,ll work back every day but it,s nice to have the option.


  1. You have the determination to succeed Maureen! Just keeping plugging along and take it one day at a time. And enjoy the grandkids :)

  2. that is wonderful to have the option to work it. Take as much as you feel comfortable without tiring yourself! Every little bit helps!

    I am with you on the goals for the year - there is a lot to get accomplished, but then again, we need to set oour goals just a little out of reach so that we try harder to get them done & when we do, there is a sense of accomplishment... right?

  3. You've got to have a little wiggle room Maureen. Is there any way you could work a few overtime hours each week and use that money for a few little extras here and there?
    My budget will change a lot but I have to wait to see what my paycheques will be on Jan. 15 & 31 before it's set in stone.

  4. Take the overtime as much as possible, well I would. How about getting a second job that pays you some pocket change to help fatten the budget even if its only for 1 day a week?

    What ever you decide I know you will achieve it!

  5. Why not budget in $50 for play money if you can? Each month having $50 is not a lot but it's something.

  6. I agree with others; I'd allow a little wiggle room and take the overtime when I could.

    You can do this Maureen, 2011 is going to be a great year for you :)

  7. the overtime would be good if you can manage it, I agree about having a little extra room in the budget, it's hard to work out how much though and what to prioritise.

  8. Thanks for the support. I,m starting to get a bit excited about 2011.

    Sarah I don,t know that overtime will, be available every week as it tends to come in fits and starts, plus it depends on if I get the support at home with MIL.

    However I hav,nt added the carers allowance into my budget in case I don,t get it, but if I do then that,s another $56 a week, so if it happens for me I will have some wiggle room, plus extra going into debt. Yippeeeee

  9. Years ago we had an extremely tight budget and even though our needs were met, I felt deprived constantly. I agree that no matter what, even if it is only $10 a week, you need some kind of extra or entertainment type money in the budget somehow. Even if you choose not to spend it, there is just something psychological about knowing it is there.

    Great job!! Here's to a successful 2011.

  10. I agree with the others, you have to have some "wiggle room" somehow and somewhere! We've had tight years too, and we have one to come, so i'm saving my pennies now while I can! Hope you're able to figure things out! :)

  11. I'm trying to rejigger my budget to make room for vacation. It's a must, even though getting out of debt should be my first priority. I agree with the others that there should be room to breath. And just like a diet, if it's too strict you won't stick to it!

    It may take a couple of months to get it right, but you can do it! And I'll be cheering you on the whole way! :)

  12. What an awesome bunch you are, so I,m rejiggling


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