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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Follow Up To Yesterdays Rant

After rereading my last blog post and your follow up comments, I decided I had overreacted. That is until after work today when I came home to find my PIN number had arrived. But had been damaged in the mail and was completely illegible, and so now I am waiting for another one to be sent out, which could take another week. I also received a $400 Electricity account and a $230 Telephone account. I must say Santa you have a very strange sense of humour.

On the plus side my Son phoned and he is getting excited about our Christmas Dinner, so I obviously got that one wrong. Maybe a good nights sleep tonight will fix everything.


  1. Hmmmm I hope you CAN turn your mind off and get a good night's sleep. That always helps me. Those are two pretty steep bills - why is the electrical so HIGH?? Wow - it staggers my mind. Is it for more than one month?? I'm thinking that you've had your share of bad luck and that things will be on the upswing in the New Year. Try to stay positive - you know what they say about the power of positive thinking. It sounds like you read more into the situation with your son and that it has turned out ok which is great news! Only two more sleeps (here anyways:)

  2. I can think of another "plus" for you Maureen! While all of us are starting to hunker down to a long winter of crappy weather, you get to enjoy sunshine and warmth! :)!

    Now that's something to sleep tight about!

  3. Jane that is a three month account, and according to the reading we are spending $4.52 daily on electricity. This is our only source of power as we have no gas. Prices rose quite steeply this year and we were warned to expect this, however my usage also increased from 17.0 KWh to 21.7 KWh and as a result my carbon emissions rose in fact according the the info on my account my carbon emissions were 1.94412 so we will need to look into getting that down.

  4. Sharon, you are right it is warm but no sun, it is sticky and humid, just a different kind of crappy weather.


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