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Thursday, December 30, 2010

First to 2011 / My Goals

Spurred on by how organized everyone seems to be about their 2011 Goals I am adding mine. My Goals are financial only, if I can get a handle on them then a lot of my other issues will seem less important and all consuming, leaving me to perhaps implement some personal goals later in the year, this is baby steps year coming up for me.

  1. Pay off Debt 1 by August 5th, I would love to pay this off quicker at least before the end of June.
  2. Pay down Debt 2 by at least $2000 making a sizeable deduction to this my last remaining debt.
  3. Emergency Fund adding $40 per week into this fund to bring it up to over $1,000
  4. Holiday Fund adding $40 per week into this fund, this will be ongoing as I want a couple of holidays booked in 2011
  5. Retirement Savings as well as the extra money which I put into Superannuation, I want to save an extra $50 a week, this money will not be touched for any reason.
  6. Household budget $300 per week will be kept in my main account for food, electricity,phone, mobile, petrol, and insurances.
  7. I will have a Misc. Fund of $50 per week to cover anything extra that pops up
  8. This is an entertainment fund of $50 per week, if not used I will roll it over into debt
Any overtime, tax returns, sales from ebay leftovers from entertainment and misc. will be counted as snowflakes and every 3 months will be rolled over into debt.

So what do you think ?? A pipedream or a reality ???

Today sees me pay off the last of last years bills and I will be starting first pay check of January implementing my budget and goals.

It is 2.00pm on New Years Eve so it wont be long now until we start to celebrate 2011 and the end of 2010. This last year will always be remembered by my family as the year of
" The Wedding "
And yes indeed for us all it was a time of celebration, of seeing my family all come together from all ends of this vast land to help make this the joyous occasion that it was.
But for me one of the most important decisions I made was to start my blog up again, I had decided to close it down as I had not been blogging for a good 8 months. But I could not for the life of me work out how to shut it down. So instead of closing it I reread my old posts and some of my blogging friends posts, and decided to give it another go. So from the bottom of my heart I want to shout out.

Honestly I couldent do this without you behind me, so to everyone who has commented on my posts or just popped by quickly I want to wish you all



  1. My friend all your goals are do able!! Because when ever you feel you might fall off the wagon so to speak we will be hear to help pick you back up!!

    My major goal for this year is to put 15,000 into my student debt extra to my min. payments! I know I can do it and I know so can you!!

  2. I think your goals sound solid & very "doable"!! :) As long as you've double checked your budget i'm sure you're *gold*! Happy New Year to you too! Hugs!

  3. those goals look very 'do-able' Maureen, and you've allowed for some flexibility which is good. all the best for 2011!

  4. Those are very achievable goals. Well thought out and planned out. Hope you have a wonderful NY Eve and a Happy New Year's.

  5. I like your goals! They are simply stated and are very do-able! You have made great progress on your blog and I enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the good work! Happy New Year!!

  6. These are great goals Maureen and very achievable because you are in charge of your money....go for it!

    I wish you a very, very happy 2011 xx

  7. Very achievable! Happy New Year!

  8. I like that you have $50 weekly for misc as it's those unexpected or forgottem expenses that kill us and we all need a little made money. I don't think your goals are a pipedream at all, they seem realistic to me. Time will tell. I've done an awful lot of adding and subtracting today and HOPE I haven't forgotten anything, but knowing me something will pop up! As long as its under $100 I'm ok. Happy New Year Maureen - so glad you decided to continue your blog!

  9. my love, your goals look fab! you can do it for sure! I know you can. you have a great support system here in the blogging world to help you when you are feeling frusterated... just hollar! :) We love you and want to see you succeed in what you wish to accomplish this year! :) Happy 2011! Woot Woot!

  10. I think that you're goals are right on target and it sounds to me like you have made them knowing that they are achievable. You have some wiggle room just in case with the entertainment expense and miscellaneous expense.

    Just think where you will be next year at this time. You have a lot to look forward to. Happy New Year.


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