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Saturday, December 11, 2010

There are Umbrellas and then there are Umbrellas

It is still raining would you believe it !!!! I have had the most rotten day today. I decided not to give into my Hubby,s bad behaviour and he has,nt spoken to me since. I had to phone him from the Pharmacy to let him know that his prescription was,nt available to him as it had finished. And he did,nt answer the phone, so I took the initiative to get the script with the instructions that he had to go to his doctors some time during the week and I blasted him for being too lazy to answer the phone. He retaliated and before we knew it war had broken out. I could probably have handled it better, but so could he, so it,s stalemate.

Today I started on next years budget and it,s tight, I,m not ready to post it yet as it probably needs a bit of tweaking, but I would love to stick with this one as I will make an amazing amount of financial progress if I could just stick to it. The only thing is that in order to slice up my wages the way I would like to I would have to have 4 bank accounts, some jars and a wallet.

  1. Bank Account 1) To put my wages into and pay off weekly amounts as well as leaving standing orders in.
  2. Bank Account 2) Emergency Fund
  3. Bank Account 3) Holiday Savings
  4. Bank Account 4) Life Savings.
  5. Jar 1) Food Money
  6. Jar 2) Petrol Money
  7. Wallet ) For anything that,s left.

Maybe one or two of these could go under the same Umbrella what do you think ????

Spent $50 today, $10 on petrol, $20 on clothes for Grandson,s Christmas present, $6 for 2 coffees and $14 for my prescription at the Pharmacy,s, this was all budgeted for even the coffee,s


  1. Maureen do you have ING or something similar in Australia. They let you have up to 10 sub accounts under one account umbrella - or does your bank account have a savings account attached to it, this would make it easier for you.

    It's great how you're naming all the funds I find this really helps me to stick to my goals :)

  2. Laura, I have an access account which has 2 sub accounts coming from it, this is already set up. And of course I have the jars and wallet.
    So I am 1 account short, I used to have an ING account many years ago and never did close it down, but I have moved house a couple of times since then, and I have forgotten my account number and password. So I decided to phone their head office and after waiting on the end of the line for 30 minutes I gave up.

    Maybe I should try again.

  3. oh bummer - we all have our little moments - hope it doesn't last too long & he realizes how good of a wife he has ;)

  4. It sucks when we fight and argue with our spouses. We have been married 32 years and have been together since 9th grade... so when we do have an argument we tend to argue like teenagers again. Can be very childish at times.
    We have learned to make each other a priority and over time it has definitely helped.

    I use ING and have sub accounts that help me out. I hope you are able to locate your ING account and use it again.

  5. Men... *sigh* ;)

    I think your accounts all sound good. I have a bunch of "seperate" accounts, etc too. I have 4 seperate bank accounts, our main account, then emergency savings, Christmas savings, organic meat savings, and we also have another account for long-term savings. Then from our main account I take out our cash for the week which gets divided into 4 jars, food, clothing/gifts, fun, and misc. Our bill $$ stays in our main account. lol! It's insane really, but it works. Hope you figure out what works best for you!

  6. Oh Maureen as I read your post I got this sick feeling in my stomach - I just hate those stalemates and the silent treatment - can't tell you how many times I have experienced those. With Michael being a life coach you'd think we would have the perfect relationship but we still have our moments but mercifully one of us will make a move to settle things before too much time has passed.
    Re accounts - here's what I have:
    *main chequing bill paying account with all bills set up as automatic payments
    *TFSA - retirement savings
    *Savings - Emergency
    *Savings - Christmas/Gifts
    *RSP Account
    *Crofters Lane Jar
    I don't use jars or envelopes for groceries or gas or misc. I designate set amounts in my budget and use debit subtracting daily from the totals as I make a spend. As long as I know each day how much is left in each category I am fine. Its messy but it works for me. I like to work with numbers so enjoy the daily activity.
    Thinking of you.
    PS - I like a couple of Beyonce songs, I have Halo on my iPod and Put a Ring on it. But I'd say overall I am a classic rock fan - still a HUGE Beatles fan after all these years they're #1 with me:)

  7. I am going to have to check back and see if ING account is still open, even after all this time.

    HDD your account set ups look a lot like mine.

    Still having Hubby problems, waiting for him to grow up.


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