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Monday, December 6, 2010

My Whinge Fest.............Sorry !!!!!

I spent no money again today, and with only another three days to go until payday and enough food in the house to last until then it looks as if I might make it through. Hubby gets paid tomorrow and he will be taking care of our rent, and outstanding phone bill, putting money onto his credit card, and doing God knows what with the rest. He is definitely the weak link in this financial chain, and the situation is getting really dire, as I don,t feel as if I can rely on him at all.

I heard someone make the statement that " If life kicks you make sure it kicks you forward " and I am going to take that on board I feel as if I play the victim. I write a post about how awful my finances/ workmates/ Hubby/situation is and everyone rallies round and tells me everything is going to be fine, stick with it, you can do it, and I walk away post accomplished. I have probably done it again with this post. I don,t come across as a strong Woman who is taking control of her life, and I have no idea where this needy person came from. Have I been kicked so often that I can,t get up, or are things not really as black as I think, after all I own a car and all my bills are paid, I have a job, and a roof over my head.

When I started to write this post I was only going to mention that I had another no spend day. And somehow that became this, a whinge fest. Got to get a positive thought out of all this.


Today we were told officially that we would not be having a works Christmas Party this year, so what,s positive about that I hear you ask. It means that I will have a free day to get myself and my home into the festive spirit. It means that the leg of ham we can expect from our work as a Chrissie present will find it,s way straight into my fridge instead of lying in work, going off, while we enjoy ourselves having lunch, free drinks, and a laugh........ What more could an employee ask for.


  1. Maureen,
    It is really important to have your spouse with you on this financial "adventure". Otherwise it is hard to make progress. I understand your frustration, although my husband just lets me "do it all". That's not very much fun either. Keep up the great work on your end...he may just see the light yet!!

  2. I understand your frustration completely. I am not married but my BF is the weak link in our relationship. And should we go farther like living together I know money will create issues for us. I has created a large 'what if' in the future of our relationship. Every time he pulls out a credit card I cringe... that can't be healthy.

    Sit down and talk to him about it, fight about it if need-be but the issue must come out into the open, bottling it up is not healthy.

  3. You really need to sit down with your husband and get on the same page. Compromise! You two have to be a team to make the finances work, or else you'll both end up resenting each other :(

    I know from experience...

  4. I am not going to tell you what to do or what not to do, I am just going to say I hear you sister:) Sometimes we just need to whine. There, I said it. And to me that's one of the purposes of having a blog - being able to say exactly what you feel when you feel it and being able to be fairly anonymous about it. It's better for you than holding it all inside:)

  5. Forgot to say - today is guaranteed to be a no spend day - too much snow!! can't get out of the house!!

  6. I think it would be VERY hard to stay on budget & reach your goals with a husband who's on his own path... :( Hope you can work something out with him!

    I'm glad you're making it through ok however! :) Chin up!

  7. I feel ya! I would like to be the weak link once and hear my husband step up and and be budget conscience. It is probably not going to happen I get tired being the financial police in our house. Though I do believe we are headed in the right direction.

  8. It's ok to whine once in a while, wallow for a day or so and then get back in the boat. You can do it!

  9. Oh what positive comments from some awesome bloggers. It is far from being the first and it definitely won,t be the last arguement Hubby and I have about money, it has been ongoing over our 40 years of Marriage, so I don,t see anything changing in the short term. However in the past I have proven myself to be just as disorganised as he is with my money, so in the long term I,m hoping to prove myself worth taking the risk on and allowing me free rein of the income. Wish me luck.

  10. Hi Maureen. I really hope that you and your husband can talk about this. I understand your frustration; perhaps he's avoiding this because he's worried about money in retirement?


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