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Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Guilty Conscience at my Uber Expensive Saturday

I have just had the most expensive day, for months, as I have had very limited funds and my spending has been kept to a minimal. So this is the big push to pay everything off to give me a clean slate for January 2011. I will post a proper breakdown at the end of the week but till then here is a bit of a breakdown.
  • $50.00 towards my debt this is paid fortnightly.
  • $132.02 part 1 of a 2 part payment for Phone/Internet/Cable
  • $23.58 Needed a few prints to send to parents from The Wedding
  • $12.00 Bank fee to replace lost ATM card
  • $24.24 This was a fine as I went through a toll point without a current toll token on my car.
  • $233.00 Christmas 2010 gifts, cards, stamps, wrapping paper, gift tags.
  • $30.00 Spent getting my french nails filled my only personal expense and so worth it.
  • $30.00 Groceries but I,m not through yet, more to come tomorrow.
  • $3.50 a Latte to take into the nail shop, while I waited in a loooong queue.

$538.34 My biggest blowout in ages, and it was all budgeted for and accounted for. I went with a list and an amount for each category and I stuck to it. So feeling pretty chuffed. So why the guilty conscience ???

My Daughter and her family came over today and we exchanged gifts and had an early Christmas Meal, it will be 2011 before we catch up again, and I,m going to miss having them with us for Christmas.
I have mentioned on many occasions that it would be Grandchildren only for gifts this year, however one of the lads I work with his Wife, has just given up her online shop, and she was selling off her stock at $10 per item, so I bought a handbag for MIL a handbag for DIL a broad brown leather belt for DD and 2 bags for little old me. $50 is all this little treasure trove cost me, and I have costed it into today,s Christmas Gift money. I gave my SonIL a nice bottle of red I had been keeping for just such an occasion, and I have between now and Christmas Eve to think of something for my Son. I am so pleased that I was able to manage to give them all a gift. And it was all because of a lucky break and some overtime.



  1. Lots of little fees - they sure add up don't they? We don't have to pay to replace an ATM card which is a good thing since I tend to lose mine fairly often. In spite of all that you've kept your budget quite tight and still managed to eke out a few more gifts. Don't feel guilty - feel amazed at how resourceful you are!!

  2. I think since it was all accounted for & in the budget you have nothing to feel guilty for!! 'Tis the season! ;) Give yourself a break, especially being so close to Christmas!

  3. I agree with halfdozendaily!!! Congrats on having everything budgeted and accounted for there is nothing to feel guilty about!!!

  4. Wow. They all really add up eh? You've been wonderful so far with the budget so I wouldn't worry.


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