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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Aged Care Allowance Perhaps

Today I got all my paperwork in order and waited in the longest queue at our local Centrelink Office to lodge my application for a Carers allowance for my aged Mother-In-Law who lives with us. Over the last year she has been needing more and more of our time and attention, in order to do some of the most simple tasks. I have decided that as she is getting more dependent on us I will have to take back some of the household duties that she has been responsible for, and cut back on my working hours, so little or no overtime depending on if she is going to be left home alone. ( these were duties which she insisted on doing to pay her way, as we are both out working )

The Allowance is for only $56 a week but it is non taxable and so added to my normal wage it should cover some of the expenses of driving her around. It is always touch and go when you lodge a claim to see if you qualify, so fingers crossed for us, although it is going to be the beginning of next year before we hear if we have been successful.

Another no spend day for me the 4th this week, but really I could be doing with Grocery shopping, as butter, milk and chocolate biscuits are running low. Still it won,t be long now until payday.


  1. what a pain for the paperwork... I hate how most places make you jump through hoops for most things...

    good job on the other no spend! woohoo!

  2. Good luck! It is great that you have such a program available to you. I hope you are successful.

  3. Will keep my fingers crossed for you and the Carer's allowance - i HATE dealing with anything governmental - too much red tape.
    This will be my 4th No Spend today too as I've been SHUT IN!! There's always a silver! We are actually seeing some sunshine today so we were thinking about a walk in the forest but we might be a little over optimistic as we don't know what shape the roads are in and whether there'll be anyplace to park. Might just need to walk around the neighbourhood instead.

  4. good luck with it, every little bit helps, it doesn't cover near the expenses but at least it lets the government know that there are lots of hardworking carers out there in the community.

  5. $56 a week would be great. Everything helps. I agree with the others that have commented re dealing with anything with the government. No matter what government, there is always red tape.

    A few years ago we got a letter in the mail from the IRS saying we owed another $11,000 in income taxes. By the time all was said and done, they owed us $300. Just ridiculous.

    As for caring for you m.i.l., I think it is very kind that you have opened your home to her. I know it would be hard for me to have my relatives live with me, but family is family and we would work it out in the end. My in laws live near us and I know in a few years I will be helping them with day to day care.


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