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Saturday, December 4, 2010

At long last Some Wedding Photos/ Worth Waiting For

The Happy Couple I thought they were like something from Gone With The Wind
My Handsome Grandson acting as his Dad,s Best Man
My Beautiful if nervous Granddaughter, she was the only Bridesmaid

I went over to my Daughter,s last night to babysit and while I was there I stole these photos and emailed them to myself, so I would have them in a form I could use in blogger, I,m not sure if I like the sepia tones of the children,s photos, as the red and white of the little ones dress does,nt show up particularly well. But she has got such a lovely face I don,t think anyone noticed her dress.

One of these days I will post some pictures of The Marquee decorations I made.

Spends for today $20.00 for Groceries, I,m now well and truly skint !!!!!!!!!


  1. Yay pictures! Gorgeous! You don't usually see these colours at a wedding! (Actually though I wore a red dress to get married in as I got married Dec. 28 - that's all over and done however)! Your grandchildren are truly beautiful - I can see why you are such a proud gramma:) Skint? Sorry to hear that! Such a bloody expensive month - I plan to start saving in Jan. for next Christmas instead of beginning in Sept. like this year. Though that itself was a new practise - I used to just charge everything and then spend several months paying it off - NO MORE!! My expenditures will be fewer this time around and everyone seems to be ok with that around here thankfully and too bad if they weren't ha ha!

  2. Love the photos, and the red dress is gorgeous!!!! Love it!

  3. OMG what lovely pictures!!!! A theme wedding that's so coo!!!!

    Thanks for posting them!!!

  4. Wonderful pics. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I wasn't sure what a "red" wedding dress would look like, but this one is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics!!!


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