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Friday, December 10, 2010

My Weekly Spends.......Christmas Gifts

Christmas shopping started in earnest today, and I have now got my youngest Grandaughter a talking teapot, plastic food items for playing shops. A pack of knickers, she is just starting her toilet training, two pairs of shorts 1 Aqua 1 pink and 2 tops to go with the shorts. I also bought a Secret Santa gift voucher to the value of $50 for one of the girls in work. I also bought the cutest largest size gift bag with Mickey Mouse in a Santa hat on it, to put my Grandaughter,s gifts into. I also made a start on my oldest Grandaughter,s gift but she is so hard to buy for.

An expensive pay day today here is the breakdown.

Christmas Party Food
Food Treats$56.00
Lion FinanceDebt$25.00
GiftsChristmas 2010$132.00
3 mobileMobile Phone$56.00
CoffeesCoffee With Rose$12.00
total today:$456.00

On the plus side I had 4 no spend days this week, and I still have money in the bank, all round a good week.


  1. A talking teapot? - I think I covet that gift:) I look forward to having grandchildren to buy for someday. Kazi is 20 now and I haven't been able to buy her cute clothes since she was about 10. I miss that. You have 3 mobile phones? And the bill is only $56? That is a great deal! It's funny to hear you're buying "shorts" for Christmas - around here (as you well know) we're heavy into scarves and gloves:)
    Is that chart from Spenddiary? I have started inputting my spends into that - just since Dec. 1st though. I've managed 4 no spend days too this week so far, perhaps also today:) If you've got money in the bank this month you're doing just fine!

  2. I thought the same thing as Jane...shorts for Christmas? We are buying sweaters. :)! Love that you are able to track your expenditures that way!

  3. I love how you say "knickers" over there... lol! Soo cute! Yay for money in the bank, and it must be a relief that you got so much Christmas shopping done!

  4. Jane I had a bit of a laugh when I read your response, I don,t have 3 Mobile phones 3 is the name of our provider. And yes it,s from which I am loving.

    Sharon I don,t even think about the seasonal change now that I have been here since 1986, as you are aware Scotland is a b****y cold place, but it was easier to get into the Christmas spirit in the cold.

    hdd I must have been saying knickers for ever as you may have gathered by now I,m not an Aussie by birth just by choice.


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