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Friday, December 17, 2010

Lightening Strikes Stopped Blogging

I was going to write a long chatty post last night but instead I had to turn off the PC, In fact I turned off all the power switches and had an early night, as we experienced the most horrendous thunder and Lightning storms, one of the worst we have had and we also had Hailstones. Yes this is Australia and yes we are in summer, but what the !!!!!!!
I have stopped worrying about the change in weather patterns as it is no longer a worry ( the wedding is over ) still this is not what we are used to and it seems there is more rain on the way. By the way the lightning photo is of my City, and I think she looks beautiful no matter the weather.
I am having a few financial problems since I lost my ATM card, I am now left with a Visa Debit card linked to my account which I can use, but not to make any cash withdrawals, because I can,t remember my pin number. So I had to go to the bank in my lunch break today in order to have enough cash for all my cash payments. I stopped short at telling the counter Assistant about my jars and seperate accounts, I have the feeling she just wouldent get it LOL

Tomorrow is going to be a big spend day for me as I have to finish all my christmas shopping, and do a big Grocery shop for my family as we are having an early Christmas Dinner at my house before they head off on holiday.

Today was almost a no spend day but I had to buy bottles of wine as gifts for a couple of workmates who were good enough to lend me their expertise when I needed some things for my Daughters Wedding. So spends today were $28.00


  1. can't you go into a bank and get a new debt card? I always do that when i lose mine and its happened often enough!

  2. Wow, that lightning looked fierce! I absolutely hate thunder and lightning storms...I usually make everyone come down in the basement with me...I fear that they may turn into tornados!

    I'm a little concerned about food money for the next two weeks. I'm sitting on very little to get me through the next two weeks. I'll have to be extra careful!

    Enjoy your grocery shopping! What's on the menu??

  3. That is funny about not wanting to tell the bank employee about the jars - you're so right - they wouldn't get it.

    The picture of the lightning is beautiful but it is unsettling too. I hate storms. We get a lot of bad storms in the summer time and I never used to be frightened, but I find them totally unsettling now. But, in saying that, I must admit that perhaps I need to see the beauty in them as your picture shows.

  4. Sarah I have had to order the new ATM card and was told that I may get it before Christmas !!!!!

    Sharon I dont supposed you are as much worried as hoping to not break your budget, and I,m sure if you have to go over, that you manage to make it up.

    Yes Martha we are an elite few.

  5. Christmas!!! WOW that's crazy!!! Here in Canada you just walk into a branch show 2 pieces of ID confess your forgetful or the ATM ate your card and they just get you a new one. They swipe the new one which activates it and deactivates the other card. Than before you are on your way they say if you find your old card cut it up!!

    Can you tell I have done this before ;P


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