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Thursday, December 9, 2010

We Have Oprahitis Over Here

In case anyone in the free world is not aware of this Oprah has landed down under. In fact she is almost at my back door ( hope she doesent mind a bit of rain ) I have always been a bit of an Oprah fan I find her TV shows interesting and thought provoking.

But we do have other things happening here at the moment not that the media seem to be aware of this as 8 of the headline stories this morning were about Oprah. this was followed up at dinner time by yet another interview. Quite frankly I,m all Oprahed out, still it is all in the name of Tourism.

I have just been into my bank account to see if my wages were in ( sadly they were not ) and discovered that my financial institution has an online Budgeting Tool, sounds as if that might be something I,d be interested in, so I may have a prowl through it after it has taken around 72 hours to upload my last three months banking history.

I managed to work 2 hours overtime today, through the week is the best time for me to work any extra hours as Hubby is home with Mum, this will go into next weeks wage. Pay day tomorrow. will post my spends then.

Another no spend day today.


  1. Yes, I saw part of her show when she announced that everyone was going to AUSTRALIA!!!!!It was absolute mayhem! I've been a fan of hers off and on over the years - sometimes she does things that I don't agree with so I go off her for awhile. Well my staff are here and my kids will soon be arriving so I will say bye for now:)

  2. She does have a following, but I'm not much of a fan. I agree with Jane, sometimes she does good things and sometimes I don't agree with her. I think her stardom is WAY overrated, but then again, that's just me! :)!

    It's a good day when it's a no-spend! :)

  3. well done on the extra hours!! what do you plan to do with the extra funds?

  4. Sarah I am so broke just now that the extra funds will probably get used in the run up to Christmas, I want everything up to date for a new start in 2011


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