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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OMG It,s Happening Again !!!!!

I cant believe that it,s happening to us again, for the second time in 4 weeks Queensland is making headlines round the world, as Tropical Cyclone Yasi bears down on our coastline. Apparently this has now been upgraded to category 5 and is the biggest one we have ever had. So once again residents in the North East areas are being evacuated. according to the weather bureau this storm is expected to hit in approx 4 hours. Our Premier Anna Bligh has not spared any punches and has told us to expect mass destruction and many deaths.
I am not going to be directly affected, although I know a couple of people who are, but I feel sick to my stomach, at what is definitely going to be a major catastrophy.

Queensland needs your thoughts and prayers tonight.

Apologies Sharon if I put my financial report on the back burner, when this is all over and we know the final outcome I will post again,


  1. that is so sad... I am praying for everyone to be safe

  2. Oh Maureen, how terrible :-( I pray that the damage is not as bad as they call for. Glad you should be safe!

  3. Stay safe and dry... and keep us posted so we know you are okay!

  4. I saw that the cyclone had been ungraded when I was on the weather network this morning and knew you were in Queensland - so I am glad to hear you are not in the direct path but sure feel for the people who are - they have been through so much already. Hang in there!

  5. How awful Maureen! Be safe :)

  6. Thinking about YOU and your country!

  7. Maureen:

    This was on our national news this morning. I think I heard they are calling in Cyclone Yasi.

    They were vigilant in their reporting of our destructive and dangerous this storm is going to be and my first thought was that the poor people of Australia have been through so much - fires, storms and flooding. How much more can people take?

    We are in a blizzard but that is nothing compared to what your countrymen/women have been going through.

    Our prayers are with you and your country.

  8. Maureen!!

    I'm so sorry!!! What in the world is going on with the weather?????
    My prayers are with you and all the people who are in harms way.

  9. WOW! That's what we Americans call hurricanes! while we drown in snow here you get wind, crazy!

    Stay safe!!


  10. hope all is ok for you maureen, just looking at the devastation on the news. just terrible.

  11. Be safe. It looks so bad on the news, please know you and all of your contrymen are in our prayers.


  12. you are in our thoughts and prayers!! please keep us up to date on how you are doing!! don't worry about the finances your safety is more important !!

  13. I was reading about this on CNN. Hope all is ok with you. Take care and don't worry about PF stuff, that can wait.


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