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Sunday, February 27, 2011

End Of No Spend February and Results.

A massive shout out to Sharon for organising this No Spend Month.

I have had an awesome month, I managed to cut my Zero based budget down,( who would have thought that possible) and as a result of this I have saved an extra $180. My savings were..

Petrol $10 ( cut back on two of the 4 weeks by $5 )

Mad money $110 ( cut back $ 30 on 3 of the weeks and $20 on the fourth )

Grocery money ( cut 2 of my 4 weeks back by $30 )

So if you add those savings to my snowflakes for the month, most of which were overtime money. I am going to be adding $1,000 into debt 1 )

Savings this month came to $920.00 this was divided up between my Holiday Fund, Emergency Fund, long time Savings Fund, and a personal debt, not to be confused with my debt bars.

Normal Debt payments came to $165 divided between Debt 1 } and Debt 2 )

Bills were covered as usual, with money put aside weekly.

So all up a successful month, yippee when are we having the next one ?????


  1. Well done, I'm impressed and motivated

  2. That is awesome! Glad to see you having an awesome month.

  3. Great job!! It has been fun to follow your progress. You are so motivating and positive.

  4. YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Maureen, you are the best! Congrats on a fabulous, successful month! I will start to update my No Spend Participant are an allstar!! :)!

  5. Great Job Maureen! You were on a mission this month and it shows! Congrats!

  6. Well done!!!! How great is it that you were able to save that much money!!

  7. You will be puttinga serious dent into that debt! Kapow! Your O/T hours were a huge help, kudos to you for staying at work longer than you HAD to! That's no mean feat! We did good!!

  8. Woohoo! Look at those savings!?!?!? THat is awesome!!! You had a great month & I agree - thanks to Sharon she got us all getting going on it ! I am with you - when is the next one?!?!?

  9. You do realize that without each and everyone of you I would not have been able to do this.
    So many many thanks xxx


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