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Friday, February 18, 2011

Big Removal Day

All of my family are helping my SIL move house today, so I am doing the Babysitting, and so far this has gone really well. although the 2 year old is needing to go down for a nap and is fighting it like crazy, I will probably find her curled up in a corner asleep clutching her favorite Teddy soon.

My SIL is a business woman and a pretty successful one but she can not organize a removal, and leaves everything until, the end and also leaves everyone in the dark regarding times places and who is expected to do what. so I think everyone will be very tired and grumpy around now, so I reckon I have the best job, staying home with the kids and making a super sized Lasagna so they can all eat when they are finished.

I am a pedantic packer who starts well in advance and uses a spare bedroom to store all boxes once they are packed, I wrap all glassware and china in heavy duty tissue paper, put 5 labels on each box, on these I write where each box is going and whats inside,then a label goes on the top and one on each side so no matter which way they are turned the contents are easily read. I wash all bedding before moving, going through my linen press a shelf at a time, and freshening everything up.

I write out a list with everyone I need to contact regarding my move, this list includes my Doctor, Dentist, Work, Car Registration Dept. Insurances and of course for the move itself I have to get my electricity, cable, Internet and phone installations organized.

The family usually take the bulk of my boxes and of course all my private papers, plants, and my old cat who is usually found hiding somewhere by this time. And then we hire a couple of removalists to lift the heavy items. The whole thing only takes an hour or two because I have everything packed and ready. The last time we moved my BFF and her Husband came round and had Dinner with us that night and I knew where everything was right down to the champagne glasses. Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do so I just like to take the pressure of myself a little.

I forgot to mention that my SIL is moving from a rental property into her own home, this will be her first house purchase in Australia and she is finding the system totally different, still it,s all signed sealed and delivered and she is now the proud owner of a mortgage on a beautiful home set in 5 acres, about a ten minute drive away from us.
I burst into tears when she told me about the house, yes a part of me was jealous but mainly I was delighted that she has managed to get some security behind her, I even had her in tears, happy ones of course.

On the financial front I have spent $100 on Groceries,so no savings there and although I havent as yet put my fuel in I have set aside $20, may make a small saving there.


  1. I am ashamed to say in the three times I have moved,my sister did most of my packing...I hate packing.

    So happy for your SIL though, and glad you are happy for her to


  2. congrats to your sil - that is fantastic & how sweet of you to babysit - that is wonderful that your family can pull together & be there for eachother! im proud of you!

  3. We have moved 5 times in 10 years, but we always have movers come and pack stuff and than they unpack it. Just one perks of being in the military. but I still know how stressful it is. You definitely had the best job!

  4. Oh Maureen, you are the first person I'm calling when I need to move! You sound like a dream packer! So organized! Glad you'll have your SIL close!

  5. I am a catch 20/20 when it comes to packing. I love the excitement and freshness it brings, I hate however, packing, moving the junk I have and then unpacking. You sound perfect!

  6. It's been almost 17 years since my last move but I am like you Maureen. By moving day I usually have all the cleaning done in the new place and all my boxes moved. The movers only have to move the furniture. In about 3 years I'll be moving to PEI - do you think you'd be available to come help??
    Since it's 2000km away the plan is to sell most of what I have in THIS house and start over fresh in the new house. It would be a great spot to have a bloggers get together!!

  7. We have decided to move out to our new house which we bought with the financial assistance of home improvement financing contractors last Saturday. It was fun and tiring to move out. Same as you are Maureen, I was also in charge of cleaning and decorating our new house, it was funny also how my 3 year old son enthusiastically helped me carry our things.


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