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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 12 No Spend February / Quiet weekend

You And Me Buddy

Another no spend day and more snowflakes next payday because I worked today, I only stayed about 5.5hrs because I had finished all I was asked too do. So I was home just after Lunch, then visitors popped in to see Hubby, but he quickly got tired and so they did,nt stay long. Thank you for all your kind wishes and prayers for Hubby, one day I will write a post about how, when, and where his illness was discovered and the long and rocky road since then.

No spends today, the harder you work and the more you earn the less time you have to spend, I wonder if that,s how Millionaires do it :) My bank manager is even smiling at me now, as soon as I get my snowflakes to $1000 I am going to hit Debt 1) cant wait to get rid of this burden round my neck.

Financial Targets Reached
  1. Holiday Fund, $240.00 of $2,000
  2. Emergency Fund $240 of $1000
  3. Savings $250 of $10,000
  4. Personal Debt $500 of $1000
  5. Retirement Fund $20,500 of $50,000
I,m doing all right I think at least I,m bang on my targets, so happy, happy, happy, joy, joy, joy.


  1. Wow your really making progress!!! Keep it up! As I am writing this I am looking at your Debt 2 bar and it looks so good... I confess I am a little jealous. At the rate you are going you could have this thing done in a less then 6 months!!

  2. You are really making progress Maureen! Thank god for overtime - that is really going to make short work out of your debts. I'm glad you are having a quiet weekend - you need it after the long hours you've been putting in. I didn't stay up too late lastnight-I was just too tired.
    Still recovering from my throat/cough thingy and slept 12 hours last night - usually 8 hours is my max and 6 1/2 hours my usual. So here it is, 1:30 in the afternoon and I'm still in my jammies - hurrah for Saturdays:)

  3. Thanks for the support girls, and thanks for overtime. Debt 2) is due to be paid off by the end of May so any extra money I earn is going into Debt 1).

    Jane that,s a looooong sleep, sounds like your body is telling you what you need, sleep is a great healer.

  4. I did,nt realize that Hubby had signed in today so the above comment is actually from me.

    Did you notice a new countdown ticker the last one was too big, but this one only goes up to 2015, so it looks as if I,ll have to retire earlier than planned LoL :) :)

  5. you are doing so well! I am soooo very exctied for you!!!! Great job Maureen!!! Keep it up love!

  6. you're doing great Maureen!! You'll have debt2 gone in no time at this rate!

    (with the surveys, there are a couple of other good sites that pay and are easy to earn off, just email if you would like the links)

  7. Thanks Louise I,ve emailed you.


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