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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Popping in again/ On the hunt for a PC

Despite the fact that I have searched everywhere for a PC that anybody is prepared to give me or for me to buy cheaply, the answer is always no sorry, and. the sad truth is that I am going to have to get one and fast. so I am either having to go with Plan 1 ) Buy on credit or Plan 2) rent to buy. So I took an Annual leave day today and went hunting, my first port of call was to our local Hi-Fi shop where you can get credit through GE finance. But because I still have a black mark on my credit report they declined my application. So on to the rent to buy scheme, this company claim to do no credit checks, but I fessed up to having this black mark ( $157.00 is all it,s for ) and they still went ahead and put in an application for me to get a new desktop PC and a new Monitor.
I should know in 48 hours if I have been successful, and the system will be delivered middle of next week.

I am going to have to redo my budget some time this weekend in order to make room for this $27 per week dent. This covers Insurance, 23inch Monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse and a fairly fast download speed.

Do I think I can afford to have this PC ? I think I definitely cant afford to not be accountable so I say yes worth every dollar. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.

Apologies but I cant possibly afford the time to catch up on all blog posts, so for those doing the challenge, I bet your rocking it about now, into the second week and cruising along.

My spends for this week are all within my budget, and charges for my new PC ( if I get it ) wont come out until next month, So far I have had nothing to throw me off of my no spending habits. Hoping this continues all month.

Missing having more time with you all.


  1. good luck hun - if it keeps you accountable & you save hundreds, then the $20ish per week is definatley worth it...

  2. I agree, while its not ideal. If in the long run it does you more good than bad than I say go for it.

  3. Sad part is, I have a p.c. you could have. But since I love in the States, it would be unrealistic to get it to you.

  4. I KNOW that I could not made do without a computer so understand your dilemma my dear. Selfishly I am glad we'll still be connected:) but sorry to have to rejig your budget yet again to include $27/week - how long are the payments for?
    Michael just got a new laptop so he's all excited - it is lovely to have something new and never used by anyone else - virgin territory! Hope it works out for you!

  5. I hope you get approved... I have to say i'd be heartbroken without my computer too! Hope you're able to rejiggle your budget for this!


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