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Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 14 No Spend February / Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Bloggers

Whats the idea having Valentines Day slap bang in the middle of no spend month ?? Except that I thought it was me not doing the spending and not Hubby, surely he could have splashed out on a single red rose ?? Oh well maybe next year !!!!
Hope you all have a great day and don,t fall into the retail trap, I sent Hubby an ecard and we had a lovely Dinner, even if the romance of the occasion was slightly ruined by having my MIL sitting between us. We were going to use our voucher for dinner tonight but Hubby is,nt feeling up to it.

Another no spend day for me, and it looks as if the overtime could be drying up a bit, that makes me doubly glad I took what was available.


  1. Sounds as if you still had a good day. No spend days can be hard when commercialization to buy for the day are all around us. The E-card saves the environment. I made Hubby a cake which took longer then buying one that's for sure. But I made his with love, and that's the difference.
    He bought me a rose plant which I can plant outside in the Spring if we ever get the snow to melt.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Maureen! My day was quite different too!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day. It is sneaky of them to put it in the middle of your no spend month. And cards are expensive, too!

  4. It sounds like we all had a good day anyway


  5. Um yeah, I can see how the MIL could kinda spoil the mood...oh my:) My day wasn't much better - I was able to give Kazi her gift and card but Michael worked til after I was in bed so he woke me up to thank me then a little while later came to talk to me about something else, then I couldn't sleep as my mind was all active again so here I am tonight, bone tired, at 7:30pm typing this in bed!! Oh well, what we do for our loved ones eh?


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