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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My New PC Arrives Tomorrow

A Big Day For Me

Well at last it is happening, my new PC arrives tomorrow, I am super excited, but I have no idea how to attach all the cables and set up the wireless mouse and keyboard, so I may have to take a couple of days off from blogging until some kind child takes pity on me.
Because it has taken so long for the company to find me a PC they are giving me the first month free, by way of an apology, yippee.

Short blog tonight. So the finances are NO Spend Day today, 3 hours overtime worked so far this week, will get by on my petrol until payday and my Phone Bill came in today and is cheaper than I expected, so good news all round.

On a serious note, our news bulletins and reports are full of the earthquake in New Zealand. I have some amazing Kiwi friends and many of them have family still in Christchurch. So for all those affected it is now our turn to say how sad we are, and wish you and yours safety. You are in my prayers.


  1. I was looking at pictures last night of Christchurch - terrible devastation - I hope they can rescue everyone.
    Congrats on the arrival of your new baby! Perhaps I could take a few days and fly over and hook it up for you:) It's -10c here today which is much warmer than yesterday! I could use a little warming up! Hey - maybe your grandkids could do it for you lol!

  2. Yay on the free month! :) Exciting that you get your new computer tomorrow! It's easy to set up, i'm sure you'll figure it out!

  3. I love free!!! I always have to hook up my computer but my DH and DS are always there for any problems that I have. And, I usually do.

    As to New Zealand - within 30 minutes of the quake we were getting reports. Very much front page news still and always being reported on cable news - along with the Middle East turmoil.

    It's amazing how fast the news comes. My prayers are with the people of New Zealand. It is heart breaking.


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