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Saturday, February 19, 2011

I really do hope nobody finds this offensive, if you do my apologies, but I laughed my head off when I received it from my daughter, it pretty much describes how I would feel about losing my PC, my new one has not been delivered as yet, apparently they have none in stock. I really cant understand why they would take an order, promise you a delivery within the next couple of days, and then leave you hanging for the next couple of weeks. Thanks to my wonderful Son and Wife for being so patient, shouldent be long now.

Check out the Snowflakes folks , add to that total the amount of money saved during this challenge, and Debt 2) is going to receive a $1,000 bonus, I,m so excited, I could do it now but I want to wait until the 28th. I am so glad I decided to add my snowflakes to my debt instead of flittering it away over the month. So a big thanks to Sharon for organizing this No Spend Month at exactly the right time.
I will update my sidebars at the end of the month.

What on earth possessed me to buy a leather ( plastic ) covered computer Chair, in our hot and steamy climate. I am sitting here with two towels draped over the seat and backrest, because I stick to them. Might have to reupholster, if I can find out how to do it although it is a fairly solid looking piece of furniture. It is only 9.30am and already we are uncomfortabley hot and it is expected to reach 34c today. If this was to be a dry heat I would be loving it, but the humidity not so much.


  1. I love it! LOL!! could have been written for me :)
    fantastic job on the snowflakes!

  2. Warn a girl before you do something like that...almost wet my pants.

    Great job by the way


  3. Very funny!! I'm so glad this month worked out so well for you! Great job on the snowflakes!!

  4. I know I've been complaining a lot about our snow, but I'll take this anytime over hot and humid. July here is my least favorite month because of the probable heat waves. Hate them!

    Congrats on your snowflakes... WOW!

  5. I agree with Canadian Saver about hot and humid being worse than the snow.

    I have loved watching your snowflakes grow into a snowpile.

    It's wonderful and rewarding to see how many of us are being challenged to push the envelope to save and pay off debt.

    Way to go.

  6. that is hilarious!!!

    great snowflakes!

  7. It's only offensive in that it's true of pretty much all of us - computer and wine have become my necessities of LIFE! LOL!
    As I rub my cold hands together trying to create some warmth from the friction I am having a hard time imagagining heat and humidity!! We've had a couple days of snow melting but now the cold is back again and the evergreen trees behind my house and in my line of view are covered in white frost. Very pretty from the INSIDE of the house:)
    Maureen - once you set your mind to something there's no stopping you! Your snowflakes are growing like mad and soon you will be rid of one of your debts!
    PS - you are going to have to fill me in on your rockstar meeting exploits - I am dying to know...!!

  8. I am so glad I never offended anyone, I loved the joke, still it does have a swear word in there, maybe I should start a swear box as a way of earning extra income......
    Jane one day I will bore you with my story of Rockstars behaving badly.......

  9. Hehehe cute!

    And jealous of your heat!!


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