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Friday, February 25, 2011

Thats All Folks / Showing off About My New PC

I, m finished Spending
Technically speaking I have finished my spending for the month of February, today was my final payday and I have finished my Grocery shopping, put petrol in my car, and have used up my Mad money and then some.
Yes I went over on my mad money, by $10, not a Kings ransom by any means and so I,m not going to get all dramatic and declare this month a failure. I dropped a heavy box onto my french manicure and split two nails, badly.
I have been in a lot of pain with them and so after work today when I could stand it no longer, I had them fixed. they are still painfull but no longer catching on things and they will heal.
I only made around an extra $48 this week as I had done very little overtime, just as well really as my body was screaming out for me to stop, but every cent helps to eliminate debt. So I will add it to my snowflakes total.
I will do a final account on Sunday of how I have done this week. but I think all up a very successful month. Cant wait to see how everyone else has done.
I have now got my new PC up and running, fortunately it was installed by the tech when it was delivered and so far I have had very few dramas, this is the first time I have used Windows 7 so there are one or two annoying things about it but nothing I cant get my head around. So I have gone from a 12 inch laptop screen to a 23 inch LED screen and an ibook G4 borrowed from my Son. To an acer AM1900 with
Windows 7
intel 2 Quad processor
4GB of memory
1TB hard drive
DVD super Multi drive
Even the keyboard has a volume control.
It has a Microsoft Media Centre and I can watch TV on it.
So I am stoked, but here is the downside it is costing me $30 a week, that includes insurance and I,ll be paying that for three years before I can buy it out for $1. Not perhaps the best way to buy a new PC but with nobody prepared to give me credit this was my only option. I feel I can manage my budget well enough now to incorporate this payment in without cutting back on debt repayment or savings. So I will write a new budget and tweak a couple of other areas, will need to give this some thought.
By the way as a bit of an after thought I am now getting a proper look at a lot of your blogs and am seeing some of your backgrounds for the first time. There are some beautiful blogs out there, keep up the good work.


  1. Congrats on the new PC! I can understand your not loving having to pay $30 a week. That's a lot. But based on everything I have read on your blog I am confident you have your finances in order enough to manage it!

  2. P.S. That last comment is from me - Denise @ Budget Confidential - but I forgot to switch accounts. Now you will know in the future that any comments from The Single Saver are me! :)

  3. Your new PC sounds wonderful! The 30 dollars a week is a small price to pay for your own happiness. And in time, I know you will be paying it off early! No worries!

  4. 30.00 a week is a small price to pay for staying connected. After my post I have thought allot about it, and would definitly replace our desktop if anything happen...and yes would replace my laptop to.

    HMMM maybe I need to make this a new category and start saving for when one of them does go. Enjoy your new PC and I am so glad they set it up for you. If my son didnt set my laptop up I would be lost


  5. Hi Maureen..forgive me if I'm reading this incorrectly, $30 a week, it'll cost you over $4k. Wow that's a lot!!


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