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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 6 No Spend February

It,s Sizzling Hot

What,s with Mother Nature, now she is trying to fry us, the weather has now gone to sticky and very very hot. Thanks for your good wishes about our Cyclone disaster, it,s mop up and rebuild time for Queenslanders.

Now about finances, how did I cope with Lunch out with a friend, that was easy solved we canceled it, as she was having car troubles and was scared to make the journey up from where she lives about an hours drive from me.

So far I have spent my weekly limits on Fuel Groceries and Mad Money so nothing saved but no extra spent, so the news is all good.

Snowflakes have taken off as I earned $298.64 in overtime money last week, plus I will have more coming up this week as I worked back a couple of days and did 6 hours on Saturday. So it,s all going very well ( maybe I should have whispered that in case Murphy was listening ) On to day 7

It,s too hot to sit in my stuffy little Office, but I,ll be back tomorrow, see you all.
By the way I may have mentioned a couple of dozen times in fact that I am using my Son,s laptop. Well my Daughter-in-Law uses it for her courses and she wants it back as she has another course starting very soon, so if I disappear off the radar for a couple of days, bear with me as I will return.


  1. Good job on the snowflakes Maureen!

  2. Earning more cash is definitely a good thing, and that's a lot more cash! Sorry about the heat, what's with the extremes in weather??? One side of the world is freezing, the other is melting...Mother Nature's been a bit snarky lately!

    Don't spend too long away from the computer..we miss you! :)!

  3. I love overtime! It is such a help when paying down debt! YOu are doing great on your no spend challenge!

  4. Nice snowflakes. <--- Maybe it's just me, but that sounds like a really bad pick up line.

  5. Did you mention also that your computer was getting some repairs? Hope you're not offline for too long! I was going to say that I wish I had some snowflakes but then I glanced out the window and quickly changed my mind. It SNOWED ALL DAY yesterday so today is another day of digging out from under. Somewhere, about half way inbetween me and you the weather must be perfect!! The only sweating I'm doing is from my hot flashes!!


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