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Monday, May 10, 2010

Who wants to be a Millionaire ???

I sat last night and watched the U.K.s The Secret Millionaire and aside from applauding the good deeds and the money that they gave to certain communities, I found myself wondering how on earth they managed to make all their money. I suppose I am jealous of their financial success, as I have made such a mess of mine, but how on earth do you start as most of them came from very humble backgrounds. I suppose they saw am opportunity and had the guts to give it a go, or maybe their poor beginnings gave them the extra drive needed to make a success of a new business venture, whatever the answer I hope my Grandchildren give it a good go when they are old enough.

One of the points in particular I noticed last night was the fact that the Millionaires were getting more out of the experience than the recipients, and I,m not talking financially. They were reduced to tears by some of the people they met and helped. I felt really teary myself during the show.

I seem to be at a crossroads just now at work and I may need to change jobs soon, but I,ll come back to that.

The budget is still not done and it,s not that I,m putting it off, I have just been so busy this week. I saw the T.V. advert for and considered having someone else draw up a budget for me, what really interested me about it was the fact that they speak to your creditors and arrange the payback amounts, saving you from having to go into panic mode everytime the phone rings, this is something I am very familiar with.

Spent no money at all today I,ll have to start introducing more of these non spending days.

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