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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Girlie Weekend

I think the best times we spend are when we are in the company of good friends which is why my weekend away although expensive (as it involveds Airfares) is going to be worth it,s weight in gold and definitely money well spent. And yes I know it,s not going to put savings in the bank but it just might save my sanity. My home live is shared with MM, his ailing elderly Mum (my MIL for future reference) and my demanding cat. There is never a moment of the day when the house is mine and mine alone, so I have developed this habit of waiting until everyone is in bed and asleep before I write my blog and plan my budget, a suppose I am what is termed an insomniac although my habit is formed from my need for time alone.

To get back to my original point my weekend away with a couple of really good mates allows me to be me and not someones wife and someones carer, so let the laughs begin and the Champagene flow!!!!

A reasonable expensive day for me today as I had a bill to pay.
  1. Mobile phone Bill (2 months as I am late with a payment) $ 81.54
  2. 40th Birthday present (for a workmate) $20.00
  3. Fish and Chips ( could,nt be bothered to cook tea tonight ) $20.00
  4. Tin of cat food ( will Grocery shop tomorrow) $1.90

Grand total of $123.44 I could have done a lot better if I had been better organised. I,m blushing as I read these amounts back.

Will be back Wednesday I intend to keep a little notepad and pencil in my handbag, so I can keep track of my spends this weekend, butI know I am doomed to failure as far as being cautious with my money goes.

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