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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Glorious Weekend apart from the cold

The sun has been shining all day in my neck of the woods, but inside the house we 3 have the cold, the three of us consist of my Hubby, myself and my MIL, and we are all streaming with it, so it,s paper tissues and Panadol for us.

Did a fairly large Grocery shop this morning, I find food shopping to be one of those areas where you can be frugal one week and the next you have to pay more to catch up. My MIL keeps all her own money and never finds the need to budget, not that she has a lot of money only her pension but rather that she has no financial commitments, and so I can never get away with buying cheap while she is watching and as our weekend trip to the supermarket is something she looks forward to I end up giving in. Grrr

I have been checking out other blogs lately and have picked up a lot of tips from some highly motivational bloggers, I am new to all this and not being really computer literate find even the simplest of tasks difficult. But I,m finding the whole blogging world such fun that I,ll be around for awhile.

Spends for today
  • Groceries $120.00 ( food only I did,nt need any household cleaners )
  • Clothing $20.00 ( 10 pairs of socks $10.00~ 8 pairs of knickers $10.00 for my Grandchildren )
  • Storage containers $10.00 ( reduced from $19.95 )
  • Salt and peppers $5.00 ( Maxwell Williams reduced from $ 19.95 )
  • Morning Tea for 2 $6.95 ( 1 muffin shared and 1 free coffee )

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