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Monday, May 24, 2010

Am I a blogger

A blog is a personal online journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs are defined by their format: a series of entries posted to a single page in reverse-chronological order.Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or reflect the purpose of the Web site that hosts the blog. Topics sometimes include brief philosophical musings, commentary on Internet and other social issues, and links to other sites the author favors, especially those that support a point being made on a post.
The author of a blog is often referred to as a blogger.

I read this definition of a blog on a website today, and at the end of reading it I was left wondering if I really am a blogger, I don,t think my blog represents my personality, my musings are more financial ( or my lack of finances ) than social issues. Nobody follows my blogs so maybe I would be better off using a personel diary. Yet after saying all that I am enjoying my time spent typing out my expenses for the day and holding myself accountable, and I will continue to be a BLOGGER

This turned out to be a no spending day although I am still waiting on a quote from the Garage to fix my little old car fortunately Hubby works near me and we have almost the same hours so we are travelling to work together until my car is back on the road.


  1. Hi Maureen; I'm reading although I don't follow through Google connect I follow through Google reader.
    I've put you on my blogroll so this might give you a little {small amount, lol} of exposure.

    Keep writing; writing my blog was a brilliant motivator to get debt free

    Laura :-)

  2. Maureen, I've been reading your blog for a while now. It's funny, when you don't think anybody's reading what you're writing, people are out there.

  3. You are so funny. No one is again. Maybe no one is commenting, but you would be surprised how many are reading.

    Face are a blogger! :-)


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