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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An absolute bargain

After my successful no spending day and deciding to have many more of them, I had a huge blow out. Well it could have been a huge blowout only I ended up buying a Top and a pair of sandals for $6.00 ( aussie dollars you do the maths ) The top which will suit my Daughter-in-law perfectly was reduced from $19.95 to $1.00 and the sandals were reduced from $19.95 to $5.00 saving myself the grand total of $34.90, don,t you just love end of season sales.
Spends today were.
  1. Railfare $10.60 ( had to keep a Specialist Appointment )
  2. Petrol $15.00 ( I like to keep my tank topped up )
  3. Magazine and Chocolate $6.00( my splurge for the day )
  4. Top and Sandals $6.00 ( todays bargain )

Not too bad for $37.60 and I will put the top away as part of my DIL,s Birthday present. Got to love a bargain.


  1. Wow, you did great! Dies it help to keep the gas high? I always wait until it is really low. Don't want old gas in there! :-)

  2. LeighAnn I seem to find the tank stays full longer if it is topped up the minute I let it get half way it just seems to evaporate away LOL


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