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Saturday, May 29, 2010

I was almost seduced today

I was almost seduced today, but not in the way your thinking, come on now a happily married Granny like myself, no my seducer was a clothing and accessory shop. Not a high end fashion shop but a Red Cross pre-loved Charity store. So armed with the notion that not only was I going to get something new but I was also going to be doing it for a good cause, I picked out a beautiful new bag for the princely sum of $17.00. I was on a high by then the one you get when you find what you want in a store and you can,t wait to have it put in a nice shiny new carrier bag ( a biodegradable one of course ) and to pay for it with your shiny piece of plastic. I had even decided to treat my MIL to a nice top she had admired for $12.00 so I opened up my handbag and I had no purse with me, a picture flashed across my brain of it still sitting on my kitchen workbench. Drat I was going to have to go home collect the purse and come back for the bag and top, well my budget won and back went my almost new bag and my MIL,s almost new top and we left the shop. Was there a lesson to be learned from this ? Probably but I still want that bag.

Spends for today
  • Groceries $135.00 ( I,d be rich if we did,nt have to eat )
  • Incidentals $11.85 ( needed bits for making place cards tomorrow )

Saved today $29.00 because I,ve brains like a sieve, still want that bag LOL

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